Introduction: How to Mix Concrete or Cement

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What inspired me?

If you have seen a couple of my other Instructables, you will have noticed that I love obscure materials such as pallet wood, concrete and metal. I love using these in weird but wonderful projects such as phone holders, lamps and jewellery. I absolutely love this urban material. And this instructable will show you how to make simple cement.

Depending on what materials you have depends on this step. You can get all sorts of colours, finishes, tones and types of concrete. Snow-Crete looks great as its white tone is modern but rustic. I used plain cement, sand and concrete. But you can get ready mixed concrete which is much better.

You can add different chemicals to the paint such as pain, stones, glass or dyes. This enhances the dull grey colour of your concrete.

You will need;

- Concrete mix

- water

- A container such as a bucket

If you haven't got concrete mix use;

- Cement mix

- Building sand

- Water

- a stirring stick

- A container such as a bucket

Step 1: Step One - the Materials

Step one - The materials

Okay, so if you dont have Concrete mix, this is the second best thing.

The material are can all be purchased at the local Wicks or B&Q. The items I bought came up to around £11 as I already owned a bucket to use and had a left over bit of dowel I could use to stir. In this Instructable I lost my dowel so I used a fork.

Step 2: The Cement and Sand

Step two - The cement and sand

Before you mix in the water with the two dry materials, it's best to mix the cement and the sand. First, place about 500g in the container. Add about 200g - 300g of sand and then use the fork to mix them together. Mix until the mix goes light grey.

Step 3: The Water

Step three - The water

Its now time to add the water. Never put in all of the water in one go. You will need to add about 20ml then stir. Complete this step until the mix becomes like cookie dough. If you add too much or too little you will end up with a weak mix.

Step 4: Finished!


Concrete does not harden. However it goes through a chemical process known as curing. The concrete sets within a few hours but it takes an entire 28 days to reach its maximum strength.

If you wish to apply this to a mould, remember after adding the cement into the mould, vibration is key. Either gently hot the mould onto the worktable until all air bubbles get realised. Remember to also cover the mould with cling film to reduce the amount of water being lost from the concrete.

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