How to Move Data From IPhone to MacOS Sierra

Introduction: How to Move Data From IPhone to MacOS Sierra

If you are a frequent web surfer, you’ve known an app called AirDroid. Through this app, you can transfer everything from your Android to macOS Sierra via the Wi-Fi network, but this app does not support iOS devices. Now we searched another alternative called AirMore, which can manage both Android and iOS devices from your Windows/Mac computer’s browser.If you want to move data from iPhone to macOS Sierra, it will walk you through it in a very few steps.

We are forced to recognize the need and usefulness of applications like this. Suppose we need to transfer some important data from the phone to the computer for permanent backup, but do not have a USB cable available or close to do so. AirMore can be the right fit for you to transfer what you need without wires. Users welcome this kind of app for it can save the hassle of bringing along cables for any file transfer process.

Step 1: How to Use AirMore

When talking about the AirMore interface, we have to distinguish between two: the mobile app and the web through which we will manage our files. The mobile app can be accessed from Google Play Store or App Store. After installation on your Android or iOS device, you may access the app settings, see the public IP of you phone and more. For the AirMore web interface, after building connection, you can access photos, pictures, music, files, contacts you have stored in the internal phone memory or SD card.

  1. Tap “Scan to connect” button on the App interface.
  2. Manually enter the into your browser, scan the QR code displayed on the web.
  3. Follow the prompts to build the connection between your phone and computer.
  4. Select the data you want to manage and transfer to macOS Sierra


Actually, as a cross-platform tool, AirMore enables you to transfer pictures, music, videos, apps, books, documents and files from mobile to PC and vice versa without any difficulty. There are also other features that you can focus on:

Step 2: Other Features You Can Focus On

Note: For successful connection, your Mobile phone and PC are required to be in the same WiFi network environment.

  • Transferring files between your smartphone and your computer.
  • Receive notifications of your Android remotely.
  • Send and receive both SMS and calls from the web.
  • Manage the applications installed on your device..
  • Manage your contacts.
  • Know your device information such as battery level, the model of the terminal, the version of Android or storage available.
  • Mirror Android screen to PC with its reflector function.

Step 3: Conclusion

AirMore is exactly what it promises: a simple and effective way to manage files on your mobile phone from your computer without using cables and all through a WiFi connection. Try it and if you have not yet done so.

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