Introduction: How to Move the Recycle Bin to the Taskbar (Windows Vista, 7, 8)

Many of you like to keep your Windows desktop clean and clutter free. After putting in the effort to make your desktop beautiful the Recycle Bin icon can look a little out of place. That being said, sometimes the Recycle Bin can be a very useful tool so getting rid of it completely is not a very practical solution. With the following steps you can move the Recycle Bin from your Desktop to the Taskbar where you keep shortcuts to all of your other useful applications. Kinda makes sense, right? Let's get started!

Step 1: Creating a Trash Folder in C:

First navigate to "Start > Computer (or My Computer) > Local Disk (C:)"
Once you are inside the "C:" folder you will right click on an empty space within the folder and choose the following:
"New > Folder"
Now a new folder appears within C: and the text field under your new folder should be highlighted. 
Name the new folder "Trash" (without the quotations) by typing it into the given text field.
Just to recap in case your having trouble - Create a new folder in C: and name it Trash.
If need be you can right click on the new folder and choose "Rename" 

Step 2: Making the Shortcut in Your Taskbar:

Open the Trash folder that you created in step one. Position the folder on an area of your screen so that the Recycle Bin is visible. Drag the Recycle Bin icon from your Desktop into the Trash folder. This will create a shortcut. You can now close the folder. 
Next right click on an empty area of your taskbar an make sure that "Lock the taskbar" is UN-checked. Right click on the taskbar again and this time navigate to "Toolbars > New Toolbar..."
A new window should pop up and you can now navigate to your new Trash folder
(Computer > Local Disk C: > Trash)
Single click on the Trash folder to highlight it an then click "Select Folder"
You should now see the word Trash in your taskbar.
Right click on the word Trash and UN-check "Show Text"
Right click on it again and UN-check "Show title"
Right click on that puppy one more time and navigate to "View > Large Icons"

Now if you want to re-lock the taskbar you can right click on an open area of the taskbar one more time and RE-check "Lock the taskbar"
NOTE: Make sure that when you right click on your new Recycle Bin you always choose "Empty Recycle Bin" and NOT "Delete" - If you accidently choose "Delete" you will have to start all over again.

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To remove the Recycle Bin from your desktop:
Right click on an empty area of your desktop and choose "Personalize"
In the left side of the Personalization window choose "Change desktop icons"
UN-check Recycle Bin and click OK.
I hope this instructable was useful to you.
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