How to Needle-felt a Super Cute Mushroom



Introduction: How to Needle-felt a Super Cute Mushroom

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Hi! Today I'll be showing you how to needle felt super-cute mushrooms. For those of you who have no idea what needle felting is this is what it is, in short. You have some wool roving, a special type of needle and a foam board, unless of course you want to dig a hole in your table. You take your needle and poke the wool roving and it can become shapes if you do it properly. The shapes can become cute creatures and virtually anything if you can imagine the shapes! Today, it’s creatures.

This is a beginner-level project and should take you about 30 minutes to an hour to finish. You can start and stop this project easily, so it's okay if you don't end up having enough time on your hands.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


  • Blue roving (you can use a different color) - about a fistful
  • White roving - about a half a fistful
  • Black roving - a pinch
  • Star-tipped felting needle(NOT a sewing needle)
  • Foam board
  • You don't really need this,but I recommend a little pencil box to keep your supplies in.

You can normally find all of these thing at Michael's, Joann and possibly your local craft store. If you are having trouble finding these things at stores, or want a wider selection of roving colors, you can find them on Amazon or Etsy.

Step 2: Making the Stem

Take your white roving, and leave a tiny portion of it for later. You will (probably) regret it if you don't. Roll the piece of roving into a cylindrical shape, and hold it together with your fingers. Start poking the roving with your needle and keep doing so until it has hardened and can hold it's shape. Once you have gotten the middle part finished, try and make the bottom of it round,but still keep the top loose (this is the place where you will attach the mushroom cap).

Step 3: Add Your Eyes

Get your black and white roving that you (hopefully) saved. Separate both colors into two sections, and roll the two pieces of black into balls and smush them. Take one of your pieces and start poking it down on to your mushrooms stem. Do the same with the other piece of black. Roll and smush your white the same way you did earlier with your black and attach it at the top of the black dots. Now you have your eyes and "head"!

Step 4: Make the Cap

Get your blue roving (or whatever color you selected) and roll it into a ball and smush it down slightly. Depending on what kind of roving you are using, (some roving colors are mixed) you may want to fold it because some types come rolled up, and others are just in big lumps. Poke it until it's hardened and can keep its shape. If it ends up too flat for your liking, you can just add more and more roving until its height satisfies you. If you really want to, you can add spots on the top of its head using the same method as the eyes and cap to make it look like a toadstool.

Step 5: Assemble Your Mushroom

Get your stem and cap. Flip both your stem and cap. Place your stem on top of your overturned cap and begin poking it at the place where they touch diagonally and vertically. Be careful when you're poking it, because if you put too much pressure on it, your needle may break. When you think you're done, flip it over and gently tug on it to make sure that it isn't going to fall apart easily. If it comes apart, just repeat the step until it is stuck firmly into place. Now you have your mushroom!!!

Step 6: Mushroom Family

Here he is with all his mushroom buddies!

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