How to Operate a Hydraulic Hoyer Lift

Introduction: How to Operate a Hydraulic Hoyer Lift

A Hoyer lift is used to transport people who are unable to move themselves to and from a bed, wheelchair, shower, etc. It is a common thing to see in hospitals and in the homes of people with certain special needs. A Hoyer lift consists of two basic parts: the lift and the sling. The parts of the lift itself include the base, wheels, legs, and chains/hooks, and a special sling is used to hold the patient.

Step 1:

· Line up the sling under the patient to where the top part is behind their shoulder blades and the bottom hem is under the back of their knees.

Step 2:

· Use the spreader arm on the lift to widen or narrow the legs in order to reach the patient, then lock the wheels.

Step 3:

· Use the control valve to lower the arms of the lift down to reach the sling (do this by pointing the end of the valve away from the base of the lift), then put the hooks through the holes in the bars.

Step 4:

· Close the valve, then use the pump arm to raise the lift until you get to the desired height. The patient should be in an upright, leaned back position.

Step 5:

· Unlock the wheels, then while holding on to the chains or the patient, move the lift wherever it needs to go, closing the legs with the spreader arm if needed. If there is another person helping you, have one person maneuver the lift while the other one holds onto the patient to avoid a pendulum effect.

Step 6:

· Putting the patient in a wheelchair may also require assistance. When lowering the patient into a chair, have one person pull the patient back to where they are in an upright position, with their hips level (to avoid hip dysplasia). If you are maneuvering the lift by yourself, stand in front of the patient and use one hand to adjust the person in the sling over their chair (this is usually done by pushing straight back on their knees).

Step 7:

· Open the control valve to lower the lift.

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