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Introduction: How to Organize a Large Closet

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Have you come to the point where you cannot find anything in your closet and actually have no idea what it even contains? If so, do not panic. There is a simple and easy step by-step solution to getting your closet organized and keeping it that way. You will need several large boxes in your bedroom labeled “garage sale”, “donate”, and “fold”. Don't be afraid... This will be harmless...

Step 1: Evaluation

As you begin, take a good look at your closet and even take a photo. Notice where most things tend to naturally "land" and what items tend to be pushed to the back, never to be seen again.

Step 2: Remove and Sort

Begin to remove items into the bedroom where you will either place them in one of the boxes or spread them out on your bed to be hung up. The “fold” box should be used mainly for items that you don’t hang, such as blue jeans, pants, shorts, or t-shirts. The "garage sale" box is for items you no longer want, but think you could sell at a garage sale. The "donate" box is for the items you no longer want, you don't think anyone in their right mind would buy, or has stains or tears in them. Someone may be able to cut them up for other purposes.

As you are able to reach the items already on hangers, continue to remove them and place them on your bed until the closet is at least half empty. This will give you some "working room" for the next step.

Step 3: Assessment of Layout

Now, you can refer back to your photo and determine how to make your closet more functional for your own needs. The key is placing “like with like”. For example, all casual shirts should be together, so if it is a casual day, you just look at that section and grab a shirt. The type of clothing you wear the most should be at the front of your closet, while the items worn only a few times a year should be placed in the back. If you have two closet rods on a wall, place the non-season items on the top rack and the in-season shirts on the bottom, as they are accessed the most.

For example, in the first photo we have placed the tank tops on the bottom and the long-sleeved shirts on top because it is summer time. In the second photo, we have all coats, jackets, and formals on the left in their own area, as they are only used at certain times.

Step 4: The Actual Organization

Once you’ve figured out how to place the items according to need, start moving the items you already have in the closet into their new locations. Continue with all of the clothing in the closet until it is in the areas you have designated.

TIP: Hang the items with the hangers backwards, facing you.

*Remember – you can still place these items in the boxes in the bedroom if need be to be folded, sold, or donated!

Step 5: The REST of the Story...

Now you can go to your bedroom and gather the items on hangers and hang them in the designated areas, hangers backwards facing you.

One step further: If so inclined, within each section, organize the section by color!

Rest of the TIP: Each time you wear something and it returns to the closet, place the hanger in a normal position. At the end of the season, all hangers still facing you are items never worn and you should evaluate if you still need them or not.

Step 6: Folded!

The box labeled “fold” can now be brought into the closet and the items folded and placed on a shelf you designated for them earlier.

Step 7: Grand Finale!

Now, walk out of your closet and walk back in. Can you believe it was this simple?

Should you change seasons, just switch the rows.

If something isn't working or is not as accessible as needed, move it. Just move the whole section.

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    4 years ago

    Great tips on organization! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!


    4 years ago

    Great tips on organization! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!