Introduction: How to Paint & Distress Mason Jars

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You can officially call me a Shabby chic style groupie, i'm obsessed with it all! So here is another DIY inspired by this style :)

Step 1: Materials:

* Mason Jar

*Chalk Paint

*Paint Brush




Step 2: Paint

Paint the outside of the Mason Jar and let dry. Once it's completely dry, add second coat of paint and let dry.

Step 3: Distressing

Once it's dry you can start to distress it by using the sandpaper. Create the distressed look wherever you like, I decided to focus on the rim and the labels.

Step 4: Twine & Flowers

I decided to add a bit of twine and pastel-like flowers to complete the shabby chic look I was going for :)

Step 5: Easy to Follow Tutorial :)

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