Introduction: How to Paint Sunset With Watercolors

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Hey there, in this tutorial I will show you how to paint a sunset with watercolors. Please watch the video for the step by step process ^_^

materials needed: watercolors, water, brushes, watercolor paper, tissue paper, white gel pen, white gouache.

Step 1: Wet on Wet

I wet the paper with clear water and I start layering colors.

Step 2: Wet on Dry

When watercolors dried, I apply new layers of paint. This will help for increasing the saturation of colors.

Step 3: Orange and Red

Finally I add red and orange tones for reacreating the sun reflections.

Step 4: White Gouache

Once paint dried I complete reflections with with gouache and I add some watercolor strokes over the gouache (for increasing the contrast).

Step 5: Black Paint

Once paint dried again, I paint the characters and the lamp with black watercolor.

Step 6: White Gel Pen

With white gel pen I add other reflections and that's it! :)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. For the full process please watch the video!