Introduction: How to Paint a Galaxy

Want to paint a galaxy? This DIY painting is super easy, and super fun!


A blank canvas, paintbrushes, dark blue paint, purple paint, white paint, lime green paint, light pink paint (all acrylic), and a cup of water.

Step 1: Base Color

Paint the blank canvas with a mixture of dark blue and a darker purple. Let it dry.

Step 2: Add Stars

Using a very rough paintbrush, or, as I used, an old toothbrush, flick white paint onto the blue background. Flick it very lightly around the whole canvas, then make a more densely packed line of stars right across the surface diagonally. After the white, do the same with lime green and light pink, only not as much.

Step 3: Add Details

Using a small brush and white paint, Make 2 cross shapes for brighter stars, one bigger than the other. You can also make streaks of white for shooting stars.

Step 4: Done!

Hang your new painting and enjoy looking at it!

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