How to Paper Mache Mask



Introduction: How to Paper Mache Mask

have you ever been at a Halloween store looking for the perfect mask but you just can't find it and you just wanted to make your own but you didn't know how to? well, then this tutorial is perfect for you.

Step 1: Materials/ Tools

- glue

- water


-a random mask (for molding)

- acrylic paints

- newspaper (not pictured)

-fake blood (not pictured)

Step 2: Making the Mask

mix the water, flour, and glue to make the paper mache then cut the newspaper into strips

Step 3: Making the Mask

make sure to make certain features more prominent like the brow to make it creepier.

Step 4: Paint

paint it whatever colors you want to make sure to add lots of fake blood and red paint

Step 5: Black Washing

mix some black or gray paint with water and wipe it onto the mask.

Step 6: Done

now you are ready to go out to Halloween and scaring everyone.

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