How to Pick a Lock

Introduction: How to Pick a Lock

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In this instructable I will show you how lock pick a basic lock.

Please do not use this knowledge for anything illegal.

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Step 1: Materials

The lock pick set I purchased from amazon for about $20. It has all the necessary picks wrenches and a practice lock.

Please note in some states it could be illegal to carry a set such as this one. You may want to check the local laws before ordering one.

The set includes the following:

  • Various picks
  • Torsion wrenches
  • Practice see through lock
  • Key to the lock
  • Convenient carrying case

You can buy a regular padlock from the dollar store once you become proficient with the practice lock.

Step 2: How a Lock Works

A lock consist of a rotating drum encased in the lock's body.

There are several pins through the body into the drum held outward with springs.

These pins are different lengths which stick from the body into the drum inhibiting the drum from rotating.

Once a key is inserted it lifts the pins to be flush with the drum. Because it is flush the drum is able to rotate without the pin blocking it.

Step 3: Picking the Lock

To begin picking the lock you will put a torsion wrench into the lowest part of the keyhole. I hold the lock with my left hand and use my middle finger to put slight pressure downward on the wrench.

With my right hand I insert a pick. For this I like to use the smaller hook lock as it allows you to push up on each pin individually. Push the pick as deep into the lock as possible to reach the furthest pin. Push upward on the pin while applying pressure on the wrench.

Using the correct amount of pressure is vital to lock picking. Too much pressure and you will be unable to move the pin upwards, too little pressure and the pin will just come back down. When you provide the perfect amount of pressure it will turn the drum enough to let you lift the pin but prevent the pin from falling back down. You will feel a small click when you've pushed out one pin. Finger pressure is the art of picking a lock. Some locks may require more or less pressure and you will get a feel for the lock as you gain experience..

Work your way outwards until you've felt all pins click up. Every pin that clicks upwards will cause the wrench to go further and further down, once the last pin is lifted the drum should open smoothly.

Push downward further on the wrench and you have opened the lock!

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