Introduction: How to Plant Beautiful Roses

With springtime quickly approaching, the green thumb in all of us is bursting to emerge. I, for one, can't wait to fill my garden with beds of beautiful roses. The question is: "What's the secret to planting beautiful roses? If only there were a how-to guide to help me out!"

Many gardeners find themselves intimidated by roses. This beautiful flower brings vibrant color and a lovely fragrance to any garden. Planting roses does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. All it takes is a little preparation and some diligence on the gardener's behalf. Taking the appropriate steps while planting will ensure that the gardener enjoys healthy, blooming roses for years to come.

Step 1: Choosing Your Roses

There are a quite few different types of roses available for planting.

- Bare root: Bare root roses are sold in the winter and also in early spring. They can be planted as soon as the ground has warmed up.

- Container grown: These roses are actually grown in containers within a nursery. They are available in the spring and are already blooming or budding.

- Prepackaged: Prepackaged roses are bare root, but packaged in a box or container with a moisture retaining medium.

Roses may be grafted (a.k.a. budded) or own-roots. Budded roses take one variety, and graft it onto the root system of a more sturdy variety. Own-root plants are actually grown from cuttings, so the roses will all be of the same variety. If you plant these flowers correctly, they can look just as good as store-bought roses Toronto (see picture)!

Step 2: Planting the Roses

When planting roses, it is important to do so correctly so that future problems can be avoided. Improper care is often the reason why gardeners find themselves frustrated with the plant. Roses do not have to be complicated! Just follow these few simple steps to ensure planting is done properly.

1. Prepare: Bare root roses will need to be soaked overnight in lukewarm water. Container grown roses should be watered in its pot until ready to be planted. This will ensure the soil is moist when the plant is removed from the pot.

2. Find an Appropriate Area to Plant: Roses need a lot of sunlight to stay healthy and beautiful. Plant in a location that receives a minimum of six hours sunlight each day.

3. Dig: Roses do require quite a bit of digging. The hole should be around six inches deeper than the rose will be planted and twice the width of the pot. Begin filling the hole with compost and bone meal. Three inches of compost and bone meal is sufficient.

4. Plant: Place the rose in the middle of the hole and ensure that the most appealing side of the bush is facing forward. Fill in the rest of the hole and tamp the soil to remove any pockets of air that may have been created.

5. Water: Roses need a lot of water! Because the hole is quite deep, more water is needed to ensure the plant stays healthy. After planting, water with a slow and steady stream and make sure moisture penetrates the soil. It is a good idea to tamp down again after watering.

Step 3: Caring for the Roses

Planting the roses is just half the fun. You will have to care for the roses that have blossomed in your beautiful garden. Roses will need to be watered twice a week thoroughly if there is no rainfall. Avoid watering the plant's leaves to discourage black spots and mildew. Mulch will help control weeds and maintain soil temperature. Pruning new growth will also help to keep roses healthy.