Introduction: How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

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In gym class, we're doing and Ultimate Frisbee unit. It's a pretty cool game, and I figured I would share how to play it with everyone. You don't have to do everything officially, a lot of the images shown are based upon the pick up version my brother and I play. I love that freedom, how you don't need a lot of equipment to play. All you need is a frisbee and some friends!

I apologize for the repetitiveness of the pictures. My parents won't let me show my face, which really limited my choices. And thanks to my brother, gym teacher, and the internet for helping me make this.

Step 1: You Will Need...

  • A frisbee. Regular ones work, but regulation ones are slightly heavier and more accurate.
  • At least 6 people. 4 will work, it will just be really hard. Regulation teams have 7 people on each side.
  • A field. A soccer, football, or any sport field will work best. Regulation fields are 70 by 40 yards, with 20 yard deep end zones.

Step 2: Throwing the Frisbee

Bring into chest, holding frisbee with your pointer finger along the edge and your thumb on top. Stand with the foot on the side you are throwing with forward. (Right with right, left with left.) Move your arm forward and release the frisbee, making sure to flick your wrist.

Keep practicing until you get good at throwing. Play catch with a friend, or try to hit a target.

Step 3: Setting Up the Field

Your field can be anywhere large and outside. A soccer, football, or any sport field will work best. There are two end zones, mark them off if they aren't already.

Step 4: Rules

  1. When you have the frisbee, you cannot move around. Pivoting is fine, but no walking around. You have to pass if you want to go anywhere.
  2. You can only hold the frisbee for 10 seconds
  3. When a pass is not completed or goes out of bounds, the other team gets possession.
  4. No physical contact is allowed. If a foul disrupts possession, offense gets the frisbee. If a player disagrees with a foul, the play is redone.

Step 5: Playing the Game.

The game starts off with the teams inside their end zone. The defense throwing the frisbee to the offense. This is called a pull.

The players pass the ball down the field and try to get it into their end zone. When they do get a pass into the end zone, the team gets a point.

Keep playing until 17 points. If 100 minutes has passed and no team has reached 17, the teams keep playing until the completion of the point. After that, if a team has reached 17 points they win. If any team is at 15 or 16 points, the game continues until 17 is reached. If nobody has reached 15, 2 points is added to the top score and that is the new target. (Ex: Team A has 12 points and Team B has 9 points. They play until 14 is reached.)

You can set a lower target if you need to play for a shorter about of time.

Step 6: Tips

  • Curving it. This is throwing the frisbee at an angle so that it curves around something. It helps with getting around defenders.
  • Move to open space. Your teammates depend on you, and you need to be there for them.
  • Man to man defense. Not only is it effective, but it helps with organization.

Step 7: Resources

I hope these resources help you, and you start playing ultimate frisbee!

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