How to Prepare for a Half Marathon

Introduction: How to Prepare for a Half Marathon

Tired of making excuses? You came to the right place! Each year more and more people try new things that aren't always in their comfort zones. By trying new things and "getting out of your box" you can find yourself new hobbies that you never thought of before. Ever thought about conquering a half marathon? You must have if you're here! Below are a series of surefire steps to complete and work your way up to running your first (of many, you never know) half marathons!Preparing for a half marathon takes not only physical effort, but tremendous mental power too. Following the steps below, and you will be running these 13.1 miles in no time.

Step 1: Step One: Schedule!


Set aside 6-12 months before the race to start training for this half marathon. This will require new eating and active habits in this period before the race. When setting aside this time, one must realize that there will be a lot of time and effort dedicated to this race in the future months ahead.

Step 2: Step Two: Goals!

STEP 2: Create a goal time to run this first race in. Whether it be a goal to not stop running, to finish in a certain time, or to complete the race- a goal is required to reach in this race. After creating a goal, begin to mentally prepare for this upcoming work you will be putting your mind and body through.

Step 3: Step Three: Shoes!

STEP 3: Purchase shoes that can withstand the mileage you are about to begin. You can research what shoes would fit you best with your stature, foot health, and how much you are wanting to spend. Some popular shoes include Asics, Hoka and Brooks. r you. Don’t give up!

Step 4: Step Four: Down to Business!

STEP 4: Start off running short distances, then gradually increase the distance the closer you get to race day. More specifics can be found in the websites below. Different workouts tend to work differently for different people/body types/ levels of athleticism. By the time the race rolls around, you should be running over the distance for the race in preparation. There are calendars/training programs that can prepare you for your race regarding health, weight, gender and speed. Zappos is a popular training website that runners can use to train. Another popular website is Runners World.

Step 5: Step Five: Foods and Nutrition!

Begin to eat new foods when starting this training. Carbs, proteins, and fats are essential for this training and running requires a variety of nutrients. Runtastic has an impressive list of crucial foods for runners to go by and leave a large list of runners to chose from.

Step 6: Step Six: Research!

Research some on your own. Not everyone trains or learns the same ways. Some ways are better for others. When doing this research be sure to take in to account the time and changes that will go toward this goal of completing the half marathon. Test out different workouts/ run schedules until you find what is best for you. Don’t give up!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :) Have you run many half marathons?