Introduction: How to Print on Wood With an Inkjet Printer

Today’s instructable I’m going to show you a tutorial about how to transfer your photos onto a piece of wood.


What you’ll need:

1. A clean, smooth wood surface

2. A credit card or a straightedge

3. A reversed photo printed on wax paper with a Inkjet printer

4. A Inkjet printer(In this tutorial I use GSK products’ Epson 252 Ink Cartridge to print my photo, that can be bought on their website at )

You can pick a piece of wood up at craft store, and the wax paper you can get at the grocery store and another trick that I’ve learned over the years is sticker paper and it works pretty much just like wax paper. The wax paper actually is silky and smooth so the ink won’t absorb into it just kind of sits on top. So technically you’re just supposed to print on it flip it over and press it on the wood and it’s supposed to transfer onto the wood.

Step 1: Clean the Wood

For the first thing, you want to make sure that the piece of wood you’re working on is clean, smooth or it just won’t work so make sure that you get all that dust off there and you are ready to go.

Step 2: Make Sure the Photo Is Printed Out on Inkjet and Reversed

The next thing you need is a picture of your favorite that you’re trying to transfer. You want to make sure that this is printed out on Inkjet not LaserJet. Because it just won’t work with LaserJet. And you want to make sure that the picture is upside down so when you turn it and put it on the piece of wood it’ll actually come out the right way. So it has to be Inkjet and printed upside down.

Step 3: Start to Print

Then lay a regular eight and a half by eleven white piece of paper on the wax paper and just trace the outline of the paper and then when you’re done you’ll just going to cut this out and you will have a piece of wax paper. That is the size for your printer.

Then start to print.

When the print done, I just let it sit there for about 30 seconds just to let the ink dry so it doesn’t smear.

Step 4: Press It Into the Wood

Now I have my image and I have a piece of wood that I want to add it to. You just want to lay it down where you want it and then you don’t it to move and then just kind of slowly roll your straightedge. I like to use a credit card to kind of press it into the wood. You just work your way through over the image until you have the whole image completely pressed into the wood.

And then when you take it off, it should give you the image that you printed!!!


So, this is the tutorial of how to print on wood with an Injet Printer. It works wonderfully if you have the right equiment. Good luck and hopefully it will work great for you too.