How to Properly Apply a Wound Dressing

Introduction: How to Properly Apply a Wound Dressing

I'am not a doctor nor a physician. This is a video is based on my personal experience on how I apply a dressing to a wound I sustained on my foot. PROCEDUARE. -1 Go to the ER - emergency room- preferably ask some one to take you to the hospital/doctor. -2 If no help is available take a taxi like I did -3 Explain the Doc EXACTLY how the accident occurred and if possible, like I did, take with you the nail that cause the wound so they can examine it and decide what vaccinationS are needed. -4 The doctor will probably give you a tetanus booster shot , take it like a man or cry if you want to it's your party after all. BEFORE YOU START WASH HANDS AND DISINFECT THEM WITH ALCOHOL SOAP ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH -5 Remove the previous dressing carefully. The tape used for this task is really sticky and could rip a bit of your skin if you remove it hastily -6 Apply soap gently, I use industrial strength detergent but you should always used neutral bar soap. -6 Dry the area completely after cleaning, this is paramount!!!. A wet wound is a bacteria's nest !! -7 Apply Rubbing Alcohol 70%. The 70% kind takes longer to evaporate than the 90% strength. This allows the alcohol to do a better job at killing bacteria and inactivating viruses. -8 Once the alcohol evaporates apply the antiseptic your doctor. Some doctors may not prescribe an antiseptic mine did. Apply the antiseptic directly on top of the wound and spread it around. -9 Take the dressing and place it directly on the center of the wound. You may wanna fold it like I did on the video if you have a small wound. It all depends on the size of the wound and dressing you are using. -10 Apply pre-cut tape strips. I applied the short ones first because it suit me better. -11 Once you are done spray a bit of alcohol on the dressing just as an extra measure. -12 In my case I used double socks. One is to protect the dressing and the second one is because I can't use closed shoes while the the wound is still alive/moist as it is seen in the video. If you use close shoes you risk a wet wound and you need it to be as dry as possible. The second sock also keeps the dirt away from the wound. Do remember that a wound on the foot is close to the floor thus at risk of giving you an infection if you don't have a proper protection. Besides is winter and the doctor told that I am to use sandals until the wound heals completely and that is still 15-20 days away

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