Introduction: How to Properly Perform a "Double Lift"


I've seen a lot people perform a double lift and taught to people poorly. I'm going to show you how to perform a proper double lift that would be the most convincing to the audience.

For those who don't know what is double lift, this is a card trick mechanic that magician will have to learn in order perform a creative magic routine. You can do many variety of card tricks with this skill.

So let me show you how to properly perform the double lift.

1. Deck of Playing Cards
2. Mirror

Step 1: Hold the Pack Properly

Hold the pack as shown in the picture.

The key of holding the pack is you want your little finger (a.k.a. pinky finger) on top of the card in a corner, wrapping from the bottom of the deck. This is going to set you up to perform a "pinky break."

Which I am going to show in you the next step.

Step 2: Perform Pinky Break

Use your pinky finger to put underneath the two top cards.

To do this,

Push your thumb outward to the right.
This will cause 2 to 3 cards to be pushed out. 
Use your pinky finger and tuck underneath the second top card.
Square your deck back up.

You should hold your deck regularly, but you have a pinky finger under the 2 cards.

Since you maybe performing in front of an audience,

Use your mirror to help to see in a audience's perspective.

You don't want expose your pinky break to the audience. 
This will give away your secret!

Step 3: Flip the "2 Cards"

With your right finger and thumb,
grab the 2 cards that is on top the pinky finger,
and flip it over.

To do this,

Your index finger should be underneath the card. 
Your thumb should be at the top of the card

Lift the card up slight, about 1/2 an inch, and throw it over.
*"Throw" as in let go your index finger and thumb when you flip it over.*

As you flip over the card, be sure to land the card on the meat side of the thumb.

This allow to create a "break."
In other words, it allows the cards that you flipped to keep separate from the rest of the pack of the card.

Step 4: Flip the Card Back

Since now you have separate the card from the rest of the pack,
it's time to put the card back into it's original position.

To do this,

Repeat Step 3.
Be sure you join the card together with the rest of pack.

Step 5: Complete Your Own Creative Routine

After you complete step 1-5,
you have cause the audience to believe the top of their chosen card is at the top of the card.

You can do anything to finish it off.

For example:

1. Take the top card and put in the middle.
2. Shake the deck OR do any magic gizmo you like to do.
3. Revealed the top card which is their chosen card.

Step 6: What a Double Lift" Should Look Like

Here's a video of a footage of what double lift looks like suppose to look like.

Notice how I did my pinky break.

Step 7: Practice, Practice, Practice

Since you know the steps,
It's going to take practice.
Audience will know if they see any inconsistently in your routine.

If your double lift is fluid, audience will be EXTREMELY convince and
be impress once you completed your routine.

Remember to not to exposed your pinky break!

Step 8: [BONUS] Card Swap

This trick is my personal favorite card trick.

Here's what it looks like. (Seen Video)
I want you to figure it for yourself.

In this tutorial, I suppose to teach you the double lift and I have completed it.
This video will hope you to be inspire to do some magic card tricks in the future.

Thank you and good look out there!