Introduction: How to Purl TBL & Knit TBL (through Back Loop)!

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Have you ever seen a pattern with the abbreviation P TBL or K TBL?
It looks like it would be difficult, but it’s SO easy! (P TBL) means to purl through the back loop & (K TBL) means to knit through back loop!

So, instead of knitting and purling through the front part of the loop as you normally would…you will just go through the back side of the loop! Easy peasy!

Watch the video below, follow the photo tutorial, or both!

Step 1: You Can See in the Photo Above, Where the Back Side of the Loop Is. You Will Be Working Into This Side, Anytime You See TBL on a Pattern.

Step 2: How to K TBL:

Insert your right needle through the back side of the loop on your left needle.

Step 3: Wrap Your Yarn As You Would a Regular Knit Stitch, Counter Clockwise.

Step 4: Finish Knitting Your Stitch, and Let Loop Drop Off.

Step 5: A Finished Knit Through the Back Loop! (K TBL)

Step 6: Now, How to P TBL:

Find the back side of your loop and insert your right needle through the back so the point is coming towards you.

Step 7: Wrap Your Working Yarn Over the Top of the Needle As You Would in a Regular Purl Stitch!

Step 8: Complete Your Purl Stitch and Let Loop Drop Off As Normal.

Step 9: Now You Have a Completed Purl Through the Back Loop Stitch! (P TBL)

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and broadened your knitting knowledge…so you can go forth and conquer those patterns!
Let me know in comments below if you have any questions at all!

Keep Knitting!