Introduction: How to Quickly Make a Compost Bucket

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I had procrastinated on this for months. It took less than 5 minutes, maybe that's because I found a piece of dowel and thought I'd better use it before it became kindling.

Step 1: The Bucket

Mine is a one litre yogurt bucket. it needs to be fairly robust.

Step 2: The Dowel

Get yourself a solid piece of dowel a couple of centimetres longer than the diameter of the bucket. Mine happens to be pointed at one end, but it doesn't need to be. I cut that off once I'd inserted it in the bucket

Step 3: The Drill Bit

Rummage through your assorted drill bits until you find one just a fraction smaller than the diameter of the dowel. Mine is a number 16.

Step 4: Assembly!

Drill through the bucket on one side, insert the dowel, mark where it will touch the other side and drill through the other side.

Tada! A Cafe ready compost that you can bang those little metal coffee ground holders on, and keep your cutting boards nice and clean.