How to Record Webcam and Screen

Introduction: How to Record Webcam and Screen

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Sometimes it may be hard for us to capture and record both webcam and screen when we are having a video chat, a webinar, or even showing game play strategies. Herein, I'd like to introduce a very easy but practical tool for those who want to record screen and webcam simultaneously - ShowMore. Its a free online screen tool that can be used on both Windows PC and Mac. Proceed to see how to use it.

Step 1: Preparation

    Before you start recording, open you browser and visit

    If it's your first time to use it, it will download a launcher onto your computer automatically once your click on "Start Recording".

    Step 2: Set Audio Input

    Select sound input before you start to record, system sound will be the first choice. If you want to record sounds from both webcam and screen, you need to choose "System sound and microphone". It depends.

    Step 3: Choose What to Record

    Choose to record the screen or the webcam. If you are going to record both, you need to select screen. After starting record, you can open a webcam.

    Step 4: Start Recording

    Once you have finished the configurations, click the red recording icon on the bottom left to start to record the screen.

    Step 5: Open Webcam

    Since you are going to record webcam and the screen simultaneously, you can open the web camera every moment after you start to record. Also, you can click the camera icon to high the webcam from being recorded.

    Step 6: Edit Recording

    During the recording, if you want to highlight to add texts to your recording, you can click the pen icon to edit it.

    1. Click on the pen icon, you will see a toolbar.
    2. Select the tool you want, and add text or use the color pen to highlight certain part. If you don't want the content you added, just hit on the eraser to remove it.
    3. Once done editing, click the pen icon to pack up the toolbar.
    • Tips: If you want to record different areas of your screen, you can drag the boundary of the recording box to the place you want to capture.

    Step 7: Save Recording

    Once you've done the recording, click on the pause button and then the green check mark to save it.

    Then a temp recording file of the webcam and screen will be saved automatically. If you want to save it to other video format, you can click the button on the bottom right of the preview interface, where you can choose to change and save it to other formats.

    • Tip: If you don't want the whole recording, you can drag the timeline to crop it and then save the cropped recording.

    Hope this instructable will do some help.

    Besides, any suggestions and comments are welcome.

    If you have better tools, please let me know. Thanks.

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      Very informative! Thanks for showing clearly how to record computer screen. I always record webinar with a web-based software calls Acethinker Screen Recorder, Free and works pretty well for me, share it here as an alternative solution.

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      Looks great. I am going to try this out. It would really come in handy when making tutorials.