Introduction: How to Redecorate an Old China Hutch

My first big move has taken place, and with an empty apartment and no money decorating to fit my taste has been a challenge! Alas I have found a way to save money and still have a beautifully decorated apartment by means of DIY. I never thought of myself as one of those people who go bargain hunting and spend all of their free time repainting old bookshelves and well china hutches but here I am and I accept it whole heartedly! I would love to share with you the easy steps on how to redecorate your China Hutch! And it does not have to be a China Hutch that is just the project I an working on now, the paint and varnish I am using is safe to use on many other projects! Just make sure you read your ables and work outside on a nice day! So here we go How to Redecorate your Old China Hutch!

Step 1: Find Your China Hutch Etc..

Many places sell wonderful gently used furniture such as, Teen Challenge, Goodwill, and Salvation Army you may need to hunt around a little bit to find one you are in love with, but remember you are going to make it new again so don't spend to much time on how it looks, spend more time looking at size and its condition (if you are new at DIY try not to get one in too bad of shape just remember lightly used).

Step 2: Taking It Home

Make sure you have the proper transportation to take your new project home, China Hutches are pretty big so a truck is the best way to safely get it home without damaging it, especially if it is a vintage piece. Make sure you tie it down in the bed of the truck to prevent movement on your journey. If a truck is not readily available to you try renting one from U-haule, or HomeDepo both charge for 3 hours at a flat rate and are very reasonable.

Step 3: Clean Her Up!

Your first instinct will to take a warm wet washcloth to your Hutch but don't! Wood is porous and will soak up the water from the cloth, don't add further damage to your project! If your Hutch is very dirty or in poor conditions and you feel you must clean it before striping the varnish, use a wax based furniture cleaner that will reseal the pores and get rid of any nasty dirt that is on you Hutch.

Step 4: Strip the Varnish

This step is only if you want to strip your varnish to repaint your Hutch. Old varnish can be a pain to get off. Use a sander fist to get rid of all the old varnish and expose the wood underneath, them reseal it with a clear coat, befall not to buy a stain or a glossy finish coat your paint will not dry properly. The brand I use is Shellac (only use if you do not have a sander)

Step 5: Let Your Hutch Dry Over Night

Step 6: Pick Your Paint

Now don't use wall paint to repaint your Hutch it will not dry correctly to wood so use special furniture paint they come in a variety of colors to choose from! Homedepo has furniture paint by Glidden and Bear, but the cheapest one to use is Klingspor's they are around 19.50 for a quart.

Step 7: Brushes

Before you paint make sure you have good brushes, they might be a little on the expensive side but worth the investment especially if you are DIYing a lot. Gentle brushes are required if working with any furniture older than 50 years, horse hair brushes are best but consult a hardware specialist if you want a safe alternative. (Remember no regular brushes on furniture older than 50 years!) If not sure better safe than sorry.

Step 8: Tape Up!

If you have windows on your Hutch or if you are playing on using more than one paint use painters tape (like scotch blue) to protect class and keep you in the lines of your desired painting trail, also it will rip off cleanly once paint is completely dry

Step 9: Start Painting!

Make sure you are painting many light coats, if you use too much at once you will run into bubbling and cracking of your paint (like when you paint your nails) and you will also run the risk of damaging the wood and warping it! So only paint light coats it will dry even and look beautiful. (Also it will give you the option to sand away the paint for you to repaint if you so desire down the road.)

Step 10: A Little Tip (optional)

If you want to add dimension to your Hutch or project, add a very light coat of white paint to your dry paint job it will give it a rustic look and warm up any color.

Step 11: Let Your Hutch Dry Over Night

Step 12: Peel Off Any Take Left Over Tape and Inspect Windows for Paint Drops

Step 13: If You See Paint

If you see paint in a place it does not belong do not fear! There are cheap paint removers at hardware stores that will safely remove paint off of windows and floors without striping varnish or weakening glass

Step 14: Bring Your Hutch Inside

Carefully bring in your Hutch or project inside once completely dry, and set it where you see fit, just be carful and gentle when moving it!

Step 15: Step Back and Admire Your Hard Work!

Good Job you completed your Hutch or project! Congratulations! Now you are a DIY expert and are ready for your next big project. Remember your hardware store experts are your friend and their is no shame in watching the DIY network on TV. Get your inspiration and save money for your wallet! good luck on your other future DIY adventure!