How to Remove Sticky Concrete From Plastic Barrel

Introduction: How to Remove Sticky Concrete From Plastic Barrel

In this instructable, I will give you very easy cheapest method to remove sticky concrete from plastic barrel or anything plastic item.

Step 1: You Have a Dirty Barrel With Concrete Sticked to It

No worry, this guide will help you in removing the concrete from it and make and look nicer to hold water or anything else you like. Before doing anything just completely wet all the concrete sticky areas of the plastic. Also, put some water into avoid getting it to dry this will help you make the concrete removing process smoother with less rashes on plastic area.

Step 2: Moving Scrapper Through the Concrete Sticky Areas

Now, you just need to move the your 4" inch scrapper to gently move through concrete and keep the concrete areas wet this will easily let them removed. Keep doing this process. You may notice while applying the scrapper some little spots will remain there regardless whatever you with the scrapper. This is where next step will help you make your barrel look more cleaner. As you reach to a point when scrapper doesn't remove tiny spots move to next step

Step 3: Apply Sandpaper to Concrete Spots

Now, you just need apply a No. 120 sandpaper to the wet concrete spots and keep doing that until you notice there are no spots. That's it.

This is how you can remove the sticky concrete from plastic barrel without using chemical so by far this will be cheapest method from concrete from the plastic. If you have any other method comments in the below section.

Thank you!

Step 4: Final Look!!!

There are some rashes but I am satisfied because it can help for storing me water for cleaning stuffs, etc.

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