Introduction: How to Remove a 2000 Honda Insight Fender

I had to remove my front fender to inspect a ground connection underneath the fender, and replace a broken fender, so why not do an instructable!....

So, step 1, jack the car up (drivers side)

Step 1: Remove Your Front Tire

Using a 19mm socket, remove your front tire

Step 2: Remove Your Lower Sill Plate

There are a bunch of little plastic tabs, take a flat head screwdriver to pry the center out, then use 90 degree bent needlenose pliers and pull that thing out. It feels like it might tear, but it wont, they're pretty tough ones, just pull perpendicularly straight out.

At the very rear, remove the rear tire kickpanel, and remove the additional plastic fasteners behind it connecting the sill. They are different from the others, remember this when you reinstall

Step 3: Remove Screws for Front Fender Plastic Well

You don't have to remove the entire plastic piece, but just remove the screws connecting the front plastic fender well from the body of the car, and pull the plastic loose a bit so you can see behind it. You will need to put a screwdriver or ratchet and a 10mm wrench in the front under the bumper shortly so you'll need the space.

Step 4: Unbolt the 10mm Bolt Hidden Behind the Front Bumper, Then Screws

Its a black bolt, its just under the headlight and just above the bumper, its a 10mm bolt. You can reach in with a 10mm wrench and get it out.

After that, there are two little rusting screws, they are also 8mm socket, remove them, they fasten the bumper to the fender. You'll probably need a few extensions to get to them. To see them, peel back the plastic fender wall a bit and lie on the ground looking up.

Step 5: Slide Off the Lower Sill Plate

now, the lower sill plate is sitting on a bunch of these little blue things, you need to slide the sill off. I used a rubber mallet and banged a bit from the rear wheel area hitting towards the front of the car to slowly inch the sill plate off those blue thingies. The blue things are shown in the pic with the sill removed. This took a minute or two.

Step 6: Remove Bolt at Bottom of Fender That Was Behind Sill Plate

There's a bolt at the bottom of the fender behind the sill plate. Now that you have it removed, you can unbolt it. Mine had some corrosion on it.

Step 7: Remove All Other Visible 10mm Bolts on Fender

There are some bolts inside the hood area that you need to remove that are obvious, and a few behind the drivers side door. Once they're done, boom you're done, lift that baby off.

With it all off, you'll see tons of dirt hidden behind your stuff, clean it out, clean up your hidden ground connection etc.

Installation is reverse of removal.