Introduction: How to Remove a Coconut From the Husk

You find yourself on a beach and you are bored? Try removing a coconut from the husk.

I did this while on vacation recently and a ton of unopened coconuts were lying on the ground...

Time to un-bore myself.

Step 1: Use Something Heavy

  • Find a fresh husk, undamaged by birds or longevity. A fresh coco should have liquid inside as well.
  • You need to find a nice and hard surface to place the coconut. in the sand will not do it.
  • You need to find something heavy to hit the husk with you should be done in less than 5 minutes...
  • Do not try to hit the husk on a rock, this will take half an hour.
  • Remove the husk filaments. This will be the most difficult thing to do in your project.
  • Break the coconut.
  • Eat and drink the coco.

Step 2: The Coconut Is Free

Once freed from the husk , you want to break the coco to enjoy it. Here is how to break it in two clean halves:

  • On one end of the nut, you will see 3 dots, like small holes. There should be one larger than the 2 others.
  • Think of the 3 holes as a mouth and 2 eyes, the 2 eyes being the smaller holes.
  • Hold the coconut on a hard surface, sideways, so the mouth and eyes are on the side.
  • Pick up a small rock or hammer to hit it with.
  • Follow the line between the two eyes, up on the top of the head, right in the center. That is where you want to hit.

Start hitting softly and increase the force until you feel the right amount of force required to break it. it should break in two clean halves.

Once cracked, turn quickly to save some liquid

Step 3: Did You Know...

  • Too much coco may make you go to the bathroom more than you'd like :)
  • Coco liquid may act as a temporary (and in an emergency) intravenous solution for hydration.