Introduction: How to Remove or Demolish Old Tile Counter Tops

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Removing the old tile from a counter top is a lot easier than you think. First let's understand how the tile has been placed there, and then it will be easier to understand the steps. Watch the video for assistance, it will help you understand the written instructions.

#1 Remember there is a base that they started with, one that was there before there was tile. That is the base that we want to get back to. Above, is a picture of where they started when they set the tile, and where we want to get when we remove it.

#2 Start with a good hammer, walking around the edge, and striking the edge of the tile firm enough to break it, and hitting it just inside of the edge. Make sure to view the video, it show exactly how to strike it.

#3 Now take the metal banding and remove it, there are nails in it so you may need a pry bar or hammer.

#4 Once banding is removed, the top of the tile may slide off. Be careful, this is very heavy. By taking one end and trying to lift it, it usually cracks and you can remove in smaller pieces.

#5 Usually there is a barrier paper left, this was originally placed there as a moisture barrier. Remove this, then all the nail,staples, and clean will be very dusty.

#6 You should finish with bare wood. You will also want to check for level, but we will do that next time.

Always remember to use safety precautions. There will be pieces of tile flying everywhere, SAFETY GLASSES ARE A MUST.. And always, you are responsible for you own safety. Watch the video with the explanation, this will make it easier to understand. Good luck, and take you time, injuries usually occur when someone is in a hurry..

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