Introduction: How to Replace a Battery in a Vehicle

A battery may be replaced when it is dead or out of date. The Battery is used to supply power to the vehicle for lights and electrical components. Mechanics change batteries often in the automotive and diesel world so its a useful task to know.

Step 1: Materials and Removal of Cables

First off make sure that the required tools are in reach including: sockets, ratchet , and a battery post/terminal cleaner. Now some vehicles may have a protective cover that is hiding the battery so remove that first. Secondly locate the negative/black cable first. Another clue on where to find it is that its always connected to the post that has a negative symbol by it. Once the negative is off and out of the way take of the positive cable next.

Step 2: Hold Down/Cleaning

Once both battery cables are off. The next part is to locate the battery hold down. This is usually on one side of the battery or it may have a strap going over top of it. Remove the hold down and then remove the battery. Make sure you clean out the area that the battery was sitting on, because the debris could rub a while in the battery and cause damage.

Step 3: In With the New

With the old battery out and the new one ready to go, its time to put in the new one. So place the battery back in the battery box and tighten the hold down with a socket or wrench. In my opinion its always good to clean things up a bit. So take the post/terminal cleaning to and clean the posts and the cables before sliding them back on.

Step 4: Attach New Battery

Lastly, is to put the bales back on the battery. To do so, do it in reverse order as they where taken off. First place the positive or red cable on first and snug it down. Then place the negative or black cable on.

Step 5: Conclusion

Thanks for reading this post. Hopefully, this instructable gave the best information on how to change a battery. Remember to always wear safety glasses and use precautionary measure when dealing with electricity

Step 6: How to Video

This video will help through the process of replacing the battery.