How to Run Taobao Intermediary Eshop

Introduction: How to Run Taobao Intermediary Eshop

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With OT Commerce you can easily run a trading site with 800 millions chinese goods in. Free testing period, fast to install, easy to configure, support and updates - it's the best e-commerce software ever!

Step 1: Choose Your Site Abilities

First you have to choose the OT Box version - your future site features depend on it. Feel free to contact OT Commerce manager at to test each version for free.

Step 2: Complete the Installation Form After Purchasing OT Box

Register in OT Commerce support service to provide the installation info. The eshop will be installed on your domain in 1-2 working days.

Step 3: Configure Your Site Design

Just choose one from several templates or customize your own design via css.

Step 4: Configure Pricing

You may set % of your margin on all the categories or make different margin on several categories as well. You should also configure delivery settings by making delivery types which provides your logistic service.

Step 5: Configure Catalog

You may sell "all Taobao" or can show just some categories. It's also possible to make special-offer or season-offer categories with handle selected goods.

Step 6: Orders Manager

You may manage each order and get total info on it. It's possible to download the order info to excel file.

Step 7: Make Money With Your Online Store!

It's easy and profitable!

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