Introduction: How to Saddle a Horse the Western Way Simply

I have always saddled my horses this way. It is easy and lets the horse feel comfortable while riding.

Step 1: Grooming

What you will need

>soft brush >hoof pick >curry comb

Press hard and rub in circles on the horses body. (this will feel like a massage.) Then I always go over the horses back with a soft brush to remove excess dirt. Lastly I pick the horses hoof's out. Cleaning the dirt off of the horse will not allow the horses to get sore's from the tack. Cleaning out the hoof's will make sure nothing painful is in the horses hoof's that can hurt them.

Step 2: Saddling

What you will need.

>bridle >reins >saddle >saddle pad >cinch >breast collar

After brushing and cleaning my horse I put the saddle pad on the horse. I always make sure that it is covering the withers and not rubbing on my horses back hips. Then I place the saddle where it is in the center of the saddle pad to balance out the weight on the horses back. I ALWAYS put a pocket between my horses withers and the saddle pad. Just enough space to fit my fist. This will help the horse to feel more comfortable while riding. The only thing that keeps your saddle on your horse is the cinch. The metal loops at the bottom of the cinch will be a little of center, this is because when you tighten it the loops will move to the center of the horses stomach. At first leave the cinch loose if not you will cold cinch your horse. Second to last I put on the breast collar, which must be tight enough to not fall over the horses shoulder points, this will cause the hose to trip and fall. Last you can slowly slip the bridle onto the horses head and the bit into their mouth, over their tongue. I usually clip the reins onto the bridle before putting it on but this part does not really matter what order.

Step 3: Adding Any Optional Tack


>bell boots >combination boots >tie down >splint boots

Bell boots have a bump that will go on the back side of the horses hoof. Tie down goes on the horses head like a bridle and then clips to the cinch. Splint boots have extra padding which will go on the inside of the horses leg with the velcro facing the horses back legs. Combination boots are as seen in the image.

Step 4: