Introduction: How to Service a 2013 Honda Rancher ATV

Riding four-wheeler can be a fun hobby. But it's also important to keep a four-wheeler in working order. Servicing a four-wheeler regularly ensures that you will be able to ride your ATV for many years to come without any major engine or transmission issues. Servicing an ATV is an easy and low-cost task that should take about 30 minutes to complete. In this instructional essay, I will be covering how to change the engine oil and oil filter

You will need 3 quarts of 10w-30 engine oil and a
replacement oil filter. There are some tools required for this job those tools Include: A pan (to catch the waste oil) a funnel (to put the new oil in). Another tool that will be needed an 8mm wrench (to get take out the oil filter) and a 17mm wrench (to take out the drain plug).

Step 1: Remove the Drain Plug

Before draining the engine oil I would recommend starting

the ATV and letting it run for about 5 minutes. So that the oil becomes thinner so it will drain faster when you take out the plug. After the 5 minutes are up shut the ATV off and put the pan under the ATV. Now it’s time to take out the drain plug, to take out the drain plug use the 17 mm wrench. Find the drain plug by going under the ATV and looking for a 17mm plug in the middle of the engine. Once the plug is found put the 17mm wrench on the plug and turn it counterclockwise. When it feels the plug getting loose enough you can use your fingers to take the plug the rest of the way out. Once the plug is removed the waste oil should come out of the engine.

Step 2: Removing the Side Panels and Changing the Oil Filter

While the oil is draining work on removing your side panels to get to the oil filter. These panels can only be removed after taking off the seat. Take off the seat by going behind the ATV and flipping the small lever under the back of the seat. Now you the side covers should come right off. Now that the covers are off the oil filter manifold can be accessed. Use the 8mm wrench to take off the three oil filter cover bolts. After the cover is taken off take out the old oil filter and put the new filter in. make sure the filter is pointing the same way as the old one.

Step 3: Put the Drain Plug Back In

Now that the oil filter is in it is time to put the drain plug back in. when putting the drain plug in make sure that the plug is straight so that it doesn’t cross thread this can damage the threads and make it so the plug won’t screw in

Step 4: Finishing Up

After the plug is in the 3 quarts of oil can be put in the oil fill hole. The oil fill hole is located on the bottom left-hand side. Next, grab a funnel and put in the fill old and pour 3.8 quarts of oil into the engine. After that make sure all of the bolts that were taken out are tight. Finally, the ATV is ready to be started. Let the engine run for two to three minutes then check the oil and make sure it is full.