Introduction: How to Set Up a WiFi Connection/Network... According to a Lowly High Schooler

Well hi there! This is my first post, and honestly, this is a part of my Digital Skills class in High School. With that said, I have left some nice instructions here on how I think a WiFi network is set up (according to some research that included eHow because eHow is a less advance and less cool Instructables)

Here a brief summary:

  1. buy stuff
  2. connect it with cables
  3. run some software or do it the complicated way because you're strange (or cool, I don't know what's in your cup of tea *cough* drugs *cough*)
  4. give it a home in a central location because routers like to have a nightlife as do you like to have a good signal

And yes, this picture is from Reddit, gee wiz... Thanks Reddit

Step 1: Step 1: Router

First off, you have to find a nice little router and here's the link to understand all the (not so) fancy jargon and numbers while you shop. Thanks to Amazon for this picture!

Step 2: Step 2: Modem

Next, you probably (unless you have a compatible one) need a modem to go with your handy-dandy router.

Again, Credit to Amazon for this picture.

Step 3: Step 3: Connecting Everything

To connect the router and modem AND computer...

-use a standard Ethernet Cable. Find the router port on the back labeled WAN/WLAN/Internet and plus it into the router (close-up picture). Then, connect it to the modem.

-If you really want to be tricky, connect the computer to the router via another E Cable. You don't necessarily have to do this, but it allows you to tinker with your settings more.

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Step 4: Step 4: Install Router Software (if Needed) OR If It Doesn't Come With It...

Software, yay!

-Connect an Ethernet cable between the router and computer again. Using it, give your network a name, security codes, and the type of security you want. Most routers automatically detect internet settings, so don't worry about that.

IF it DOES NOT come with software...

-You'll need to open a web browser and enter the specified web address of the router. It's usually # # #.# # #.#.# format. Enter in the username and password given in your documentation that came with the router. If you can't find it, might have it.

Then, enter in the IP address and DNS info provided by your service provider.

Next, set your wireless settings with the name of your network (SSID field) and set the encryption (usually to WPA2 with a single password)


-apply the settings by hitting "apply" or "save"

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Step 5: Step 5: Place Your Router

Try to place the router in a central location unless you only use one half of your humble abode, then place it there.

Depending on some strength variables, different floors may be a problem. If you want, hang it in your chandelier for a quirky style choice and a good two- level position.

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