How to Set Up an Axolotl Tank

Introduction: How to Set Up an Axolotl Tank

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Having a fish tank in your home can be fun and exciting, but how well do you actually know how to set up a tank for your Axolotl? Not setting up your tank properly can be damaging to your new friends health and may even lead to their ultimate demise. This istructable was made to help save your Axolotls life and honestly your mental state. It will also teach you how to set up a tank to both yours and your Axolotls liking.
Here are something’s you will need.
1) 10 gallon long fish aquarium
2) Axolotl
3) fish hide-outs
4) low flow filter
5) aqaiarium thermometer
6) larger rocks
7) aqua safe
8) Tetra-O Start-Zyme
1) aquarium water cooler
2) gallons of spring water

Step 1: Clean Your Tank and Accessories in HOT Water.

If you don’t clean your Axolotls tank any remaining bacteria from shiping or in the store you got it from can mix with your amphibian friends water and potentially make them very sick. This step is especially important if the tank you are buying is used. Most used tanks are being resold because of past failures with aquariums. That could mean that there could be any number of harmful bacteria’s still within the tank. So always be sure that you clean your materials.

Step 2: Add Your Water

I recommend using the 10 gallons of spring water for this step. If you don’t have spring water use 10 gallon of your tap water. Add two teaspoon of your aqua safe and One Tetra-O Start Zyme tablet. And let it sit. Now is the best time to add your aquarium thermometer.

Step 3: Add on Plug-In’s

Put your low flow filter onto the back of your tank and plug it in. You can add a light to your tank but lights tend to make Axolotls anxious and cause them to get sick. They also like less flow in the tank with more room.

Step 4: Place Your Axolotls Hideouts in the Tank

Pick spots to place your hideouts and put them in! Make sure your Axolotl can get to them and fits inside of them. Axolotls don’t tend to like bright lights so they always love to find places that are dark to hide. Make sure they are comfortable.

Step 5: Acclimate Your Axolotl

Your Axolotl may already be in a bag if you just got them from the store. If not use an simple ice bag with no holes in it. Fill it half way with water and place your Axolotl into the water. Close the top quickly to seal air inside and wrap the top with a rubber band. Set the bag inside the new tank for 15 minutes.

Step 6: Put Your Axolotl in Their New Tank!

Put your Axolotl in their new tank. This is a great time to check on everything. Make sure the water is staying between 60 and 65 degrees. Give your new friend some food and shut his light off. I hope you have fun with your marvel of nature.

Step 7: Admire Your New Friend

This step speaks for itself!

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