Introduction: How to Make a Shopper Bag From Used Banner

This is bag for carrying artist materials: A3-size paper and large number of color makers, liners and pencils

Step 1: Collect Ideas

Types of bags, accessories, pattern example

Step 2: Create a Pattern

MAIN SIZES: BAG HEIGHT = 45 cm, BAG WIDTH = 40 cm, POCKET WIDTH = 11 cm, POCKET HEIGHT = 16 cm, BAG DEPTH = 16 cm, BAG HANDLE WIDTH = 5 cm, BAG HANDLE HEIHGT*** = 38.5 cm (above bag edge, suitable for people taller than 180 cm), DISTANCE BETWEEN BAG HANDLES** = 11 cm

save for top edge of the bag* = 3.5 cm*2 = 7 cm, save for side edges of the bag* = 2 cm, bottom cutout1 = 10 cm, save for bottom edge* = 2 cm, save for top edge of the pocket* = 2 cm*2 = 4 cm, save for side connections between the pocket and the bag* = 2 cm

*** BAG HANDLE consists of two parts - a straight section and a rounding, the length of which is equal to ¼*pi*distance between bag handles

** DISTANCE BETWEEN BAG HANDLES should be less than the width of the bag bottom

* from each side

Step 3: Select Materials

Materials used: used banner (cleaned before use), cord, elastic

Step 4: Сut Out the Details From the Used Banner

Cut out bag and pocket. Draw bend and connection lines

Step 5: Сut Out the Details From the Cord

Cut out 4 details for hadles and 3 details for button/buttonhole

Step 6: Check

Сheck the presence and joining of parts

Step 7: Edge Processing

Stitching the top edge of the bag and top and bottom edges of the pockets

Step 8: Button Place and Buttonhole Processing

Stitching a cord for attaching buttons and a buttonhole (cord on the outside and inside the bag)

Step 9: Handles Processing

Stitching the handles (cord on the outside and inside the bag)

Step 10: Join the Side Joints

Stitching side joints (at both sides)

Step 11: Finalize the Bottom of the Bag

Stitching the joints that make up the bottom of the bag (at both sides)

Step 12: Connect the Handles

Stitching the handles, connecting the slings located on one side of the bag (front and back)

Step 13: Finished Bag


Step 14: Add Details

For example, decorate with buttons, stripes, badges or something else...