How to Shave

Introduction: How to Shave

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Step 1: Materials and Cost

Hello and welcome, this is a guide to shaving your face. Being that this is a delicate part of your body, you will need to be careful. Please gather these materials:

Shaving cream or shaving soap: $1 to $20 dollar depending on brand
Basic razor: less than $5 for 12 pack
Shaving brush (optional): $7 dollars or more, depending on brand
Warm water: free
Hand towel: free

Step 2: Face Prep

Wet towel with warm water and apply to face, it will open your pore and soften your facial hair. Remember to relax, it will help.

Step 3: Pick and Apply Your Soap

If you use shaving soap, use brush to lather and apply to face.
If you use shaving cream, squirt into hand and apply to face.
Apply both with circular motion to face and neck, be gentle.

Step 4: Begin Shaving

Using downward strokes, slide the razor down your face. If you want a closer shave, flip the razor upside down and slide it up your face against the grain.

Step 5: Shave the Neck

This is slightly different than the face. In order to avoid the dreaded neck beard, you will need to move the razor towards your chin. This gives you a closer shave than moving the razor down your neck.

Step 6: Clean Up

Take the razor and touch up on any small spots you missed, then wipe your face with the towel you used earlier.

Step 7: Finally Done

You have finished shaving, congratulations. Work on your technique to avoid cuts and scrapes.

Step 8: Added Notes

Use aftershave if you want to, it often smells nice and helps your skin. I personally do not like it.
Be careful on any bumps on your face like pimples or moles, they can lead to large cuts.
Take care of your skin by eating healthy and using lotion, even if you are a guy, it will do wonders.

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