Introduction: How to Shuffle Cards Like a Magician!

Have you ever wanted to perform a card trick? There are many things you can do to make the trick more impressive but you have to master a basic shuffle! This instructable will walk you through the basic bridge shuffle (sometimes called the riffle). While it can seem challenging at the beginning it is quite simple.

Step 1: Split the Deck in Half

Hold the cards in your right hand. While pressing with the right index finger, causing the cards to bend, run the cards off your thumb into your left hand. Do this until you have gone through approximately half the deck.

Step 2: Hold Half the Deck in Each Hand

Hold the cards with your thumbs on the top edges and your middle and ring fingers on the bottom. Place your index finger in the middle of the stack, so your finger is pointing towards you. Apply pressure with your index fingers and pull up with your thumbs, causing the cards to bend.

Step 3: Release Cards and Shuffle

Move the decks within an inch and a half of each other. Move your thumbs slowly up to the top of the deck releasing the cards to fall on the table.

Step 4: Start the Bridge

Place your thumbs firmly over where the cards intersect. Place your other fingers under the bottom of the deck.

Step 5: Curl Your Fingers Under the Deck

Maintaining pressure with your thumbs, curl your fingers under the edge of the deck causing the cards to bend up in the the middle.

Step 6: Uncurl Your Fingers and Release

Uncurl your fingers and let the cards cascade down. 

Step 7: Look at the Stunned Faces of Your Friends

Enjoy the moment.