Introduction: How to Solder Wires

This will be a guide on how to solder for a beginner and explains a few different techniques that could use in different situations. It may look hard at the start but once it has been a few times it becomes a lot easier.

Step 1:

In order to start soldering I’m going to go over some things that will need. First off the needed items are safety glasses and a room or garage that can be ventilated easily. Then the obvious supplies like soldering iron, iron tips, solder. Things to help a lot with the soldering process are a soldering iron holder and cleaning sponge. To solder wires, grab the proper tools to work with wire such as wire cutters, wire stripper, and plyers. Something to hold the wires would also help, such as “helping hands.”

Step 2:

Turn the soldering iron on up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Careful not to burn yourself. Grab the soldering iron and solder and put just a little bit of solder on the soldering iron tip. This is called tinning the iron.

Step 3:

Now is when the wire should be stripped of the insulation around the ends so actual wires are visible. After this is done they must connect somehow. Most situations they can just be layered on top of each other and spin them into each other. The wires may also be put into two fish hooks and hooked together. Then twisted together and soldered. This way is a little more difficult to solder them but will be stronger if done correctly.

Step 4:

Now take the soldering iron tip and hold it on the wires for a few seconds (2-5 seconds) so the wires will melt the solder. Now with the other hand touch the solder onto the wires. Makes sure to not get carried away with the solder. Enough will be when the wires are barely visible anymore through the solder. Too much could make it will look bad and is pointless after just a little.

Step 5:

Now the wires are soldered together they must be insulated somehow. One simple way is to take electrical tape and wrap around the area. The other not too difficult way is to take heat shrink sleeve. Cut one end and put it over the area and heat it up so it shrinks protecting the area properly

Step 6: Conclusion

After reading all these steps most people should be able to solder wires together in a proper way. Remember to be safe and use eye protection.