Introduction: How to Solve a Rubix Cube - the Easy Way

Using science

Step 1: The Problem:

I bought a Rubix Cube for my son, and neither he nor I can solve it. It was sitting there for a year, so I decided to make it look nicer by making the colours match (solve it using science)

The solution: There's an app for that!

Step 2: How I Became the Hero Dad and Solved the Puzzle:

I went onto the Google Play Store and installed an app, it's called CubeX - Cube Solver. You can check it out here:

It literally took me 10 minutes to solve the unsolvable cube. Really the app takes you through all the steps, so I won't dwell on the explanations here. You just fill in the colours and start solving! The only thing I would advise is don't try using the camera option to auto fill in the colours in low light. It is really just easier to manually colour in the blocks which is the other option available in this app.

Step 3: The Video Shows the App Solving the Cube for Me

You can go through step by step and follow along with the animation on your cube. So easy!

Finally, I would like to finish by sharing the cube I should have bought in the first place, to suit my son's and my own skill level. You can buy one on Aliexpress for next to nothing.

Step 4: Thanks for Checking Out This Instructable!

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