Introduction: How to Sprint for a Full Minute

You are trying your hardest to sprint for the last minute of the game your coach is yelling don't stop running! What do you do,you panic. A few moments later you stop,you shut down and get thirsty.If you would like to run for a full

minute here's the the steps to do that

-a stopwatch

-running shoes

-a wall

-water bottle

-healthy foods and drinks that give you energy

Step 1: The Begining

Step 1

Before trying to accomplish this goal you must eat something with energy that is healthy and it's not a heavy meal like a burger. If you eat something simple you will have a better performance.Remember this will help you with your stamina not with your speed.

Step 2: Stretches for This.

Step 2

Now put on you runners and do some stretches like open the gates, close the gates,lunges,little jogs,high knees and butt kicks.By the way jogging around a pond or a lake will help.

Step 3: The Run.

Step 3

Make sure you have you have your water bottle beside you because after this you are going to be really tired. Now place your hands on the wall and run your hardest and have your toes pointing up but your feet flat foot no on your heels.Keep doing this and set your stop watch so you know your time.