Introduction: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Most of us are hoping for a zombie apocalypse. In order escape the monotony of everyday life, but Fighting zombies is not as easy as it looks. Here is a quick how-To on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.


2. Always carry a Bat

3. Secure your surroundings

4. If A friend turns Kill them

5.Watch this video

Step 1: Do Not Stop Running

during a zombie apocalypse it is important that you do not stop running. Zombies never stop,and the only way to stay ahead of them is to be faster. If you Slow down they will eventually catch up to you and eat you. Even if you think it is safe zombies like to jumps scare people.

If you stop running a friend could die.

Step 2: Always Carry a Bat( or Melee Weapon)

Most zombie movies would have you believe that the only way to survive is to bring lots of gun, but sadly this isn't very realistic Because... Zombies are attracted to Noise; Guns make a lot of noise; If you shoot guns more zombies will come and attack you. If you use a bat, or sword or pillow: you can easily kill zombies without any risk of attracting a hoard.

Step 3: Secure Your Surroundings

Running is essential for survival, but unlike the undead, Humans need to stop and rest every once in a while. It isn't recommended but sometimes bunkering down is necessary for survival. When you to stop at a location it is important that you SECURE YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Zombies are attracted to light and sound so it important that you create a barricade in the area that you are staying. here are some things you can do to secure your surroundings-

-Barricade the doors and windows

-cover windows that let to much light out

- stay QUIET

Step 4: If a Friend Turns Kill Them

This one is very obvious, but it is the most ignored rule in all of zombieland. If your friend is bitten you need to put them down. Zombies are extremely dangerous and some studies have shown that 98 percent of survivors don't like to kill recently turned friends. Just kill them and get it over with.

If it helps just think of that one time they stole your sweater or hit on your sister.



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