How to Swap a Geo Engine Into a Skid-Steer

Introduction: How to Swap a Geo Engine Into a Skid-Steer

I started this project with a 300 dollar skidsteer and a spare motor for a 1991 Geo Metro. I decided to make manifolds so I could use the same exhaust and carburetor, and not have to move them.

Step 1: Decide What You Want to Do.

I wanted to put a 1.0L Engine out of a 1991 Geo Metro and put it in a Bobcat 722 skid steer. The Geo engine has about 2 times the power of the 1.6L Ford engine the skid steer came stock with, while being smaller in physical size.

Step 2: Figure Out What Needs to Be Changed.

We needed to make an adapter to bolt the drive shaft to the flywheel of the Geo engine. I had to machine the old drive line piece to fit snugly in the pilot bearing hole in the flywheel of the Geo engine. We also used a wire wheel on an angle grinder to clean up the flywheel. Also we ground off the locator pins,

Step 3: You Need to Start Drawing the Adapter Plate on a CAD Program Such As CorelDraw

You need to draw all the circles where you need holes to be. This is the easiest part of the project, but can be time consuming if you have a dinosaur program.

Step 4: Cut Out the Plate on a Plasma Cutter.

You need to program the plate on the plasma cutter and drill out the holes to make sure the bolts are the right size. Then you need to

Step 5: Check That All the Pieces Will Fit Together Snugly, and the Bolt Holes Will Line Up.

The adapter plate bolted on nicely, but there was one hole that was a bit off. This made it difficult to bolt it all together.

Step 6: Changes

We had to make a half inch spacer plate, so we could use the pulley on the drive line piece to power the alternator, because the bolts holding the plate on the flywheel would interfere with the belt.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    how did you wire the fuel injection


    4 years ago

    Very interesting project! I gather that it all turned out and worked as expected?