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Introduction: How to Take a Relaxing Shower

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Well, this is my first Instructable, so, well, here you go.

I like showers. 
I like relaxing.
I combined the two and after experimenting with methods for a few weeks, I've come up with, what I believe is the best way to do so.(Without taking to much time or spending a ton of money)

Step 1: Materials

Some things you will want/need:

the biggest towel you can find
a shampoo and/or conditioner that smells good
a body wash that smells good(Lavender, anyone?)
a shower head that shoots water in a large cone
the shower that is closest to your water heater(if you like hot showers)
an iPod/mp3 player that has a dock/speaker that amplifies music
a large cup(optional)

Step 2: Turn on Your Shower and Grab a Towel

Turn on your shower to a high heat, not boiling, but high.  If you are new to the shower, or have never made it hot, then gradually make it hotter as to not burn yourself.
Go get a really big towel and put it near the shower.

Step 3: Music and the Entrance

Make a playlist of your favorite songs and plug in your speaker next to the shower and blast your music so you can hear it in the shower.
Stick your hand in the shower to see how hot it is every 15 or so seconds and then go in.

Step 4: Apply Shampoos and That Other Stuff

Get your conditioner and shampoo and put some of each into one hand. Put it on your head after you have gotten your hair wet and start rubbing it in.  After you are done, take your cup, place it directly under the shower head and fill it up.  When you are done filling, dump it on your head to wash the shampoo and conditioner off.  Now take your body wash and put it on your body. It should smell AWESOME.

Step 5: Ahhhhhh.......

Now that you've dried off and put on your pajamas(if you are going to bed) and go relax(if you are not going to work or school).  Enjoy yourself now that you have found a new relaxed self.

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