Introduction: How to Throw a Frisbee 3 Different Ways

These instructions will show you how to throw the frisbee three different ways. The backhand, the forehand and the hammer.

Step 1: The Backhand

The backhand is the most common of frisbee throws and easiest to learn.

First you will put 3 or 4 of your fingers of your dominant hand in the cup of the frisbee with the thumb on top as shown in picture 1.

Then you'll pull your arm back bending your elbow and wrist in front of the frisbee. After you have done that you will undo all that in one smooth motion.

Note: Try to keep the frisbee level as you will get more distance out of it, and give it as much spin as you can. The spin is generated from you flicking your wrist, not from your arm motion. As you get better at the backhand your arm motion will become shorter.

Step 2: The Forehand (Flick)

The forehand is a easy throw to learn but takes a lot of practice and commitment.

First what you will want to do is make a gun with 3 fingers on your dominant hand putting your middle finger and pointer finger under the cup and putting your thump on top. Then you will throw the disk like you are skipping rocks as an example. . Motion is generated when you put your wrist back as far it will go and flicking your wrist. It should fling off the two fingers in the cup.

Note: Making sure the frisbee stays parallel to the ground is imperative.

Step 3: The Hammer

The Hammer throw is a difficult throw and to catch but highly effective when mastered. It can be used to loft the frisbee over a defender into your teammates hands.

First what you want to do is put your fingers in the same way as your would the flick. Next you will pull the frisbee up by your ear and give it a slight left angle if you are a righty. The top of the disk should be facing toward your head. Then pull back and release the disk when it is even with your forehead.

Note: If it is done right it should start out tilted then turn upside-down.