Introduction: How to Tie a Bow Tie

Tips before you start: Make sure your top button is buttoned on your shirt and your collar is popped before you start

Step 1: How to Start

Place tie around your neck make sure bow tie is about two inches longer on the left side than the right. (Remember the picture is backwards than real life.)

Step 2:

Lay the longer left side over the right side.

Step 3:

Fold the left side under the right and make it snug on your neck. Then put what is in your right hand on top of your right shoulder shoulder.

Step 4:

Place you index finger on the the inside half of the bowtie as shown in the first picture and fold over to your right.

Step 5:

With the part that was resting on your shoulder fold it over and place in the middle of the bow tie so it kinda looks like an elephant.

Step 6:

Grab both sides of the bowtie that look like the elephant ears and fold them together which creates this hold in the back.

Step 7:

Grab the top part of the bowtie that is hanging down or the top of the elephant snout and go counter clockwise and stick it into the hole but make sure you do not put it all the way through leave some room for later steps.

Step 8:

After getting it through the hole tighten by grabbing the front on the left and back on the right part of the bowtie but still do not pull it all the way out.

Step 9:

Now loosen it by grabbing the back part on the left side and the front part on the right to make so you can tighten it again to make it look better and again do not pull it all the way out.

Step 10:

Loosen and tighten the bowtie until you get it to desired look.

Step 11:

Put your collar down and congratulations you just tied a bowtie.