How to Tie a Tie: Four-in-Hand

Introduction: How to Tie a Tie: Four-in-Hand

These instructions will teach you how to tie the "Four-in-Hand" knot. This knot is suitable for any button down shirt and a tie with a heavier fabric.

It is best to practice tying your tie in front of a mirror.

(The pictures shown are what you would see if you were facing a mirror)

I will not be wearing a collared shirt for this instructable so that you can see all aspects of the tie.

I will not be covering how to tie a bow tie so if that's what you have you may want to look elsewhere.

For these instructions you will need:

  • A necktie
  • A mirror
  • A collared shirt (optional)

Step 1: Positioning

  • Put the tie around your neck, positioning the wider side on your right about 12 inches lower than the narrow side.

The front of the tie (the side you want visible to others) should be facing outward.

Step 2: Cross

  • Take the wide side with your right hand and the narrow side with your left hand.
  • Cross the wide side over the narrow side so that it is now on the left of the narrow side.

Step 3: Bringing It Back

  • Hold the crossed meeting point of the tie your left hand.
  • Reach under and grab the wide side with you right hand.
  • Cross the wide side back under the narrow side and to the right side of your body.

(The back side of the tie should now be facing outward)

Step 4: Repeat

  • Pinch the folded portion of the tie with your left index finger, middle finger, and thumb.
  • Take the wide side and cross it over your fingers and the folded portion of the tie. It should now be on the left side of your body.

Step 5: Pull It Back

  • Adjust your fingers to pinch the new step of the folded portion of the tie with your left hand.
  • Grab the wide side of the tie with your right hand and pull it behind the folded portion.

Step 6: Switch and Through

  • Bring the wide side up through the hole above the folded portion. (The backside of the tie should be facing outward)
  • Pull the wide side completely through the hole.

(The wide side should be laying on top of the folded portion with the front side facing outward.)

Step 7: The Follow Through

  • Take the end of the wide side with your left hand.
  • Stick it through the flap in the front that should have formed in your folded portion.
  • Pull the wide side in a downward motion with your right hand while holding the narrow end with your left hand.
  • Continue to pull until the knot is tight.

Step 8: Tighten It Up

  • Hold the narrow side with your left hand.
  • Hold the knot (folded portion) with you right hand.
  • Pull the narrow end down as you push the knot up toward your neck.
  • Stop when you have reached your neck.

(Take care not to tighten too far to wear sufficient air cannot reach your lungs.)

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    6 years ago

    always found it odd that girls know how to tie a tie, and yet men wear them most times.