How to Turn a Cheap Mask Into a Better Looking One!

Introduction: How to Turn a Cheap Mask Into a Better Looking One!

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I haven't seen many tutorials on how to do this, so here we go! A favorite past time of mine is converting cheap props and masks into items worth displaying or wearing.

Here is a good example. This is a $20 Deadpool mask from Amazon. It doesn't look terrible for the price and is surprisingly comfy to wear. The only issue is that it doesn't really look that accurate to me. So, what I'm going to describe for you is how to weather it!

This project requires a 3D printer for the faceshell OR a foam head for display purposes that also fits inside this mask. The mask is a knitted fabric. By itself, the mask is floppy, and won't look good on a shelf. Once it's on your head, it'll look awesome.


You will require:

1. Black sharpie or marker that ISN'T a dry erase marker.

2. Tamiya black weathering product or something similiar. Must be black powder of some kind.

3. Brush to apply powder with.

4. Beverage of your choice to enjoy while working on this :)

Step 1: Step 1: See What We've Got.

All right. This mask is probably the most screen accurate version I could find for less than $25. Anything nearly perfectly accurate and you'd be spending close to $100-$500, which most teenagers and prop makers my age don't have.

This mask is accurate because of the following:

1. The face size of the mask.

2. The seam lines are visible.

3. The eye pieces are shaped correctly.

4. The eyes are white.

Step 2: Step 2: Begin With the Marker

The seams that run along the sides of the head, down the jaw, and on the back of the head will be lined with the black marker. A thin marker is best for this, that way the line isn't too big or noticeable. Make those lines and straight as possible. The seam will help guide it as you go along.

Be sure to get around the eyes as well, as there is a seam around each eye (the black area.)

When you reach the jaw, stop just before you start on the chin. It just looks better to me.

Step 3: Step 4: Display or Wear!

Now you have a better looking Deadpool mask! This was a quick tutorial, but nonetheless I thought it might help someone out. This technique I used can also be used for other projects as well.

Hope you enjoyed and hope I helped :)

Step 4: Step 3: Weathering

Now's the interesting part. It takes a little more time than the marker did.

Take out your Tamiya weathering material or any type of black powder that can be used as a weathering agent and put some on a small brush. Not too small, but a medium size. Begin brushing in the seams like you did with the marker.

As you go along the sides of the head, brush downwards a little tiny bit.

Same thing with the eyes.

Make it noticeable, but not obvious that the weathering is there.

Go for as long as you need, and then enjoy the product.

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