How to Turn a Hanging Light Fixture Into a Bird Feeder




Introduction: How to Turn a Hanging Light Fixture Into a Bird Feeder

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Do you have any old light fixtures kicking around that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe from your dining, living room, or entryway? If so, don’t get rid of them yet… especially if you love birds!

Use this tutorial to turn your old hanging light fixture into the perfect birdfeeder and watch your feathery friends enjoy a treat all year long.


Old hanging light fixture

Spray Paint


Hot glue

Birdseed bell

Step 1: Prepping the Light Fixture

The first thing you will want to do to turn your hanging light fixture into a bird feeder is to remove all of the electrical wirings. Make sure your light is unplugged and then carefully remove any plugs and cords. You can snip them with wire snips into pieces and then pull them through the openings. You may need to unscrew any fasteners holding the wires in place.

Step 2: Painting the Light Fixture

When all of the wirings have been removed, your light fixture will be ready for painting. Give the entire fixture several thin coats of beautiful red spray paint. Remember when spray painting that thin, light coats – letting them dry in between each – are much better than a thicker coat. This will keep the paint from dripping and looking like a sloppy mess.

Step 3: Hanging the Light Fixture

If your light fixture no longer has a way to hang it after removing the wirings, you will need to add a hanger. Double a piece of Hemp twine and thread it through the pipe that used to hold the wirings. By doubling it, you can leave a loop under the fixture top that you can hang your birdseed bell from in the next step. Once you have the twine threaded through, secure it in place with hot glue.

Step 4: Adding Birdseed

All that is left to do is hang the birdseed bell from the loop and then hang your new feeder from a tree branch.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Bird Feeder

Your feathery friends will be able to enjoy their new feeder for years to come and you were able to save another light fixture from ending up in the landfill! Win win!

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