How to Turn a Multi - Colored Handle for a Cheese Grater

Introduction: How to Turn a Multi - Colored Handle for a Cheese Grater

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Several weeks back My Wife came up to me and asked if I could fix the Cheese Grater. Sure, what's wrong with it I asked. The wood handle is broken, she stated. Ya know, it just so happens, I'm a woodworker. The Cheese Grater is in very good shape, and the handle had been cracked because my wife left it in the water to soak.

I break down how I made the handle. I chose a Multi-colored wood called Spectra-ply. Spectra-ply is a plywood that is made out of Birch, and each layer is a different color. This particular color is called Confetti.

First is to measure the opening, for both width and thickness. I then found a little blank about the right size. Then marked the ends to put on the lath. In the video I use a Rougher and Finisher by Easy Wood Tools. Once I got the proper shape, I started to sand until I finished to 400. Then parted if off with a Sorby parting tool, and cleaned it up on the band saw.

Time for a little bees wax and linseed oil, buff and sit for a day. I then connected it with a screw on both side, and then went and made a Taco................. extra Cheese Please........

Ronnie Lee Sutton

Its A Wood Thing

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    6 years ago

    That's the prettiest cheese grater handle I've ever seen!! :)