How to Unlock IPhone Screen When Forgot Passcode

Introduction: How to Unlock IPhone Screen When Forgot Passcode

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In our daily life, it may be difficult for some of us to remember all the passwords created by us, and it just sucks when we do forget things. Aside from social media passwords, we may forget our phone’s passcode, thus we cannot enter and use our phones. Unlocking phone may be easy for Android users but not iPhone users. Here you will learn how to unlock iPhone screen when you forgot your passcode using ApowerUnlock.


  1. ApowerUnlock
  2. USB cable

Step 1: Select "Unlock Screen" to Unlock IPhone Screen

Launch ApowerUnlock on your computer, and then click "Unlock Screen".

Step 2: Check the Warnings Before Unlocking

There are some tips you need to check before you start unlocking iPhone screen. Read the attention tips carefully, and then click “Start”.

Step 3: Connect Your IPhone to PC

  1. Connect your iPhone to PC, and then it will automatically detect the device info including iOS version and phone model.
  2. Once your iPhone has been recognized, select the firmware that supports your iPhone then click “Start Downloading”.

Note: If your iPhone is disabled and cannot trust your computer, thus you cannot connect it to your PC successfully, you need to enter DFU Mode or Recovery Mode manually in order to get your iPhone detected by your PC.

Step 4: Download and Unpack the Firmware

It will take several minutes to download the firmware due to the large file size.

Once downloaded successfully, click "Start unpacking" to unpack the downloaded firmware.

Step 5: Start Unlocking IPhone Screen

Once you successfully unpacked the firmware, click "Start unlocking" to unlock the iPhone screen. This will be completed in a few minutes. Once done, your iPhone screen will be unlocked, and you can enter the system and use it as if it is a new iPhone.

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