Introduction: How to Use 2 SIM and Memory Card Simultaneously Without Damaging Them

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This instructable explain you : How you can use 2 SIM cards and MEMORY Card SIMULTANEOUSLY using your Hybrid SIM tray with out damaging either your SIM cards or Memory Card.

Follow the Given instructions and watch the video for more detailed information and enjoy your Both SIM and Memory Card.

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Step 1: Arrange the Required Things

1). Any phone with Hybrid SIM Tray

2). SIM tray pin (SIM ejector tool)

3). The Hybrid SIM extension card ( Amazon Link to buy this card : )

4). Memory Card

Step 2: Instructions to Set Extension Card

1). Take your Ejector Pin and eject the Hybrid SIM card tray from the phone.

2). Remove the memory card and insert the SIM card extension as shown in Picture ( or check the video).

3). Now put the SIM tray back inside the phone carefully.

NOTE : Do these steps very carefully, otherwise you will damage your extension card.

Step 3: SIM and Extension Card Placement

In this step you have to place the the SIM card inside the SIM card Extension:

There are 3 types of the Extension cards :

  1. Nano to Nano
  2. Micro to Nano
  3. Regular to Nano

so now according to your SIM card which you are going to put inside the Extension card, check the sign of the SIM over the Extension and put the SIM according to that sign.

  • Now you are all set and you have to place the Extension of the SIM behind the Phone, so you can use any kind of tape (double sided tape) or glue (easily removable) to stick the Extension as shown in image as well as in video.

NOTE :If you don't want to stick your Extension card behind the phone, you can use a phone cover to lock and protect the extension.

Step 4: Cheer Up Time

You are all set man, and you just have to Reboot your phone to set the Both SIM and memory card.

After rebooting your device you will able to use your both SIM and Memory card.

Watch the Video for details


1. What will be if i do not reboot the phone?

Ans :Maybe your phone can't access the both SIM and Memory card after putting the Extension card so you have to Reboot it and it is necessary.

2. Where can i buy the extension card?

Ans : Check the given link, if the product is unavailable you can check it on Ebay.

3. If i need further help?

Ans : You can comment below or find me on social media using displayed Accounts into the Introduction section.