How to Use AnyMote Android App With Zmote

Introduction: How to Use AnyMote Android App With Zmote

zmote is an IoT gadget that connects to your home Wi-Fi network and lets you control all your remote-controlled devices through a browser on your phone, tablet or a computer.

If you haven't bought a zmote yet, you can buy it from eBay or with a special $5 discount from Tindie (use coupon code INSTRUCTABLES during checkout).

If you already own a zmote and yet to configure, follow one-time setup instructions here How to Join-Zmote-to-Your-Wi-Fi-Network

This Instructable will guide you through the steps to learn a new remote when your remote is not supported by zmote.

Step 1: Install AnyMote App

  • AnyMote is one of the best apps to control your gadgets - TV,Settop Box, Music player etc..
  • Install the AnyMote app from the Google Playstore
  • Open the App
  • Click the Setting Icon on Top-Right corner

Step 2: Setting Up the IR Blaster

  • Select Global Cache iTach
  • Enter zmote name (any name will do)
  • Enter IP address. You can get this from your router. static ip setup is recommended. (You can also get the local ip from zmote web-app->zmote->Menu->zmote info)
  • Enter Module address as 1:1
  • Click on "Save iTach Blaster"
  • Now App will automatically move to "IR Blasters" panel and show "zmote" option
  • Click on zmote and Click on "Apply to all remotes" (This step is very important)

Step 3: Restart the AnyMote App

  • Now kill the AnyMote App. (see the running apps and swipe it away to kill)
  • Open the AnyMote app after a few seconds
  • If you see the panel shown in image, setup is successfully complete
  • If you are AnyMote user already, following steps must be very famillier to you.
  • Select TV or any other device
  • Select your brand, give name
  • Test, if it works, click "Keep"
  • Checkout the buttons on notification bar aswell
  • Thank you

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