Introduction: How to Use CNC by Ngan&Angelina

The very first step is to log into your inventables account/ make a new account. Then make sure your computer is connected to the X-carve machine and the machine is turned on.


X-Carve Machine

Your choice of material

A laptop connected to the machine

Holders that hold your material in place while it's carving

Measuring tool

Safety glasses


Step 1: Choose Material Then Make Your Design

Now you can choose what material you want, and go into easels to start making your design. In this part of the process decide how much depth you want your design to have. The deeper it cuts, the longer it would take.

Step 2: Measure

Once you have finished designing your design, measure your length, width and height and put into the easels setting. Also, double check that your material is correct. And to be extra careful make sure you hit the button called "detailed preview" and "stimulate" to see how long and if your project is going to print correctly.

Step 3: Stabilize Your Material/put It On

It's now time to place your material on the easel and secure it with the nail looking things and gray materials. Make sure your material is flat on the machine.

Step 4: Be Precise!

This is probably the most important part, you need to press carve on the top right corner now. Once you do this, you have to carefully move the machine so it lines up with the bottom left corner of your material. Once you get it to line up, use the paper trick for the machine's bit to be touching your material. Double check to see if your bit is 1/8 inch or if it is something else.

Step 5: Carve!

As you keep following the instructions on your computer, you should turn on the machine first before using it. Once you have gone through all of the carve steps, you should wear safety glasses while the machine is doing it's work.

Step 6: Final Steps

Once the machine is done carving your design, you should turn it off, remove the objects that were used to secure your material, and start vacuuming. That's basically all the steps, but you could move the machine back to where it started so that the next person can carve their material.